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The industry the company is engaged in is the grain machinery manufacturing industry, which belongs to the category of flour machinery. As the only enterprise producing high square sieves in Jilin Province, the company fills the gap in flour machinery in our province, and the company is also the only domestic private enterprise producing high square sieves. People take food as the sky, so the flour production industry must be a "sun never sets" industry, and flour machinery must be an indispensable equipment. Therefore, the project of the enterprise is very advantageous, very durable, and the market prospect is very promising. The core parts of our company's high square sieve - "Ruiyi brand" sieve grid has become the first brand in the industry, and the high square sieve machine equipment has become the first national brand is also expected, just around the corner.

Gaofang sieve series products: Gaofang sieve is a large-scale self-shaft rotating advanced screening equipment. This product is used in flour, feed, medicine, chemical industry and other industries. As the name implies: "sieve" is the classification and screening of materials by controlling the particle size of materials, so as to meet the particle size requirements of semi-finished and finished materials. The high square sieve is also one of the three main equipments of the flour mill (mill, high square sieve and powder cleaner).

The company started with the production of high square sieve grids (the core accessories of high square sieves, wood products). After more than 20 years of development, the product quality and processing technology have been improved day by day, and the technology has been continuously innovated. It has always led the development direction of production technology and Quality requirements. The product "Ruiyi brand" sieve grid has become the first brand of domestic sieve grid, and several of the largest domestic flour groups are well-known: Hebei Wudeli Flour Group, (now Mailang) Noodle Industry Group, Henan Baixiang Instant Noodle Group, Shandong Luwang Flour Group, COFCO (Noodle Industry) Group and other large domestic flour enterprises all use Ruiyi products. For example: Hebei Wudeli Group is now the largest flour company in Asia. All the sieves used by all its flour companies use "Ruiyi" sieves, and Ruiyi sieves have become the designation of Wudeli Flour Group. The screen grid procurement manufacturers. In the process of product development, the company always adheres to the business philosophy of quality first, so Ruiyi brand screen grid has achieved remarkable results. In Australia, Egypt, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries, the feedback from foreign users shows that the production process level and detail processing technology of Ruiyi sieve has reached the international leading level.

In 2004, in line with corporate development and market trends, the company began to change its roles. Began to plan the production of high square screen complete machine equipment, from a single manufacturer of accessories to a complete machine equipment manufacturer. By absorbing and thinking about the design process of high square screen at home and abroad, the company has made breakthroughs in the shortcomings of traditional high square screen such as short bearing life, easy breakage of the screen body, and easy powder channeling of the screen door through a large number of design tests and product improvement. The unique solution of product design and quality control of Ruiyi Company has formed Ruiyi Company's unique motto. In this way, the company's strategy is to carefully select materials, strictly control the process, and enter the market with high quality and high price from the beginning. Facts have proved that Ruiyi's strategy is very correct. Therefore, once it came out, the brand was launched in just one year. After 6 years of development, "Ruiyi" Gaofang Si has also become a famous brand in the industry and has a great influence in the national market. The company's main customers are concentrated in wheat-producing areas all over the country. At present, more than 80% of the large-scale flour enterprises in Shandong use the Ruiyi brand high square sieve. The company's business scope also extends to feed, alcohol, chemical and other enterprises. Many large chemical and alcohol enterprises in the Northeast also use the company's products. At the beginning of 2008, the company also began to have foreign orders. For example, a flour manufacturer in Nigeria ordered the company's high square sieve, becoming the first domestic high square sieve manufacturer to export to Africa. In 2009, the company received orders from Singapore's Bailingmai and Sri Lanka. At present, Singapore's Bailingmai has cooperated with the company many times. The company's market in Southeast Asia has been opened. Large-scale flour companies such as Thailand's TUFM and Indonesia's Bogasari have begun to cooperate with the company. The prospects for the international market are becoming more and more broad. Ruiyi's product quality and after-sales service have been unanimously affirmed by users, and the company's development prospects are limitless.

Since the influence of the brand "Ruiyi" has begun to take shape, the company plans to become a leading enterprise in the same industry in China within 5 years, contributing its own strength to the development of the local economy and benefiting the people of the hometown.

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